About: Seamless Coaching’s CEO

photo1Many people classify themselves as business owners, but their business actually owns them. Charlene Parlett, AAM, CPS, is a highly successful absentee owner of a service industry business going into its 10th year of profitability. As an executive coach, conference speaker, author and and blogger, she gets to live out her passion to put other business owners on this same path to success and achieve balance in their lives.

Charlene specializes in 3 areas to help businesses thrive and not just survive: 1) Key Performance Indicators and how to read and understand them in order to make better decisions; 2) Best Marketing Practices, with an emphasis in Social Media and Online Marketing strategies; 3) Conflict Resolution.

While conflict resolution may not sound very sexy, it is the key to harmony, efficiency, and profitability. You cannot be an absentee owner without developing a terrific team. Greater levels of success require pinpointing areas challenging growth and creating strategies to implement changes that will work for everyone. Charlene is master at making tough decisions more palatable.

Growing up with an alcoholic mother then losing her at the age of 14, Charlene realized she must either become the victim of a poor example or write her own future. She became a life-long learner, studying the lives of successful people and the habits they followed, how they dealt with conflict, and how they picked themselves up when things fell apart to achieve even greater success. This is the heart of her own success story, and that strength of will is one of the benefits her clients draw from their time with her.

Clear communication and discretion are vital to her work as an executive coach and Charlene developed these skills while working for the National Security Agency. Her experience as Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar office supply business taught her the value of good people, great service, and connecting effectively to your target market. She and her business partner have built their service business from the ground up successfully navigating the nuances of a growing business, constantly improving on what is great to make it even better!

To contact Charlene directly, please visit her website at www.seamlesscoach.com where you can also sign up for her newsletter and learn more about her coaching service, speaking engagements, and coach training program.

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