The Importance of Reviews!

thumbs-upDo you ask customers to leave a review for you? Don’t be afraid of the occasional bad reviews you will get; what if you fall behind one day because someone calls out sick? Or a new customer has unrealistic expectations? It happens. Unfortunately, unhappy customers complain online and happy customers don’t think to praise you unless you ask them to. Nobody has a perfect 5-stars (and if they do, I’d be suspicious). But what if all your reviews are 3 stars or less? It takes 2-3 GOOD reviews each to balance out those negative reviews in prospects’ minds. Google ranks organic (aka free, non-ad) search results in part on how much your business interacts with Google. SO – when you claim and fill in your GoogleMyBusiness page, that helps you rank higher. Create blogposts on your GoogleMyBusiness page and it ranks you higher. Get LOTS of reviews (yes, even bad ones) and Google ranks you higher. YES – businesses that have a much worse reputation but more online reviews often show up higher on the searches. Ask your customers to leave reviews for you – a great way to do this is to send a follow-up email or a postcard a few days after their last visit. You and your team will feel great about hearing positive reviews, and negative reviews can be valuable learning tools to improve your customer service or product offerings. Send comments to


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