3. Average $ Sales

The average dollar amount per sale should be calculated based on the number of sales transaction in the previous 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. It could be as low as $5-10 for a retail store, or $30,000 for a customer remodeler or car dealer. Your goal is to increase your average sales amount by 10%… Here are some strategies to do that:

  • Create a quality image – This is the place to start…. Do great work, sell great products, and take the time to build a fantastic brand image for your company and yourself. People will pay more for what they perceive as better quality, better reputation, better benefits, better value, better service.
  • Increase your prices – This seems obvious but most small business owners cringe when I suggest this. They’re afraid of losing customers. If you provide great products and/or excellent service, customers who value that won’t flinch at a 10% increase in prices, and you will primarily lose the ones who are complaining about your prices already. HOWEVER, if you are known as “the cheapest guy in town” you may lose a higher %. My question to you is – do you want to be the cheapest guy in town? I assume that the cheapest also means lowest quality and value as well. I don’t recommend being this guy…
  • Use sales scripts/train your team – If you haven’t trained your entire staff on sales skills, you are losing money. The person answering your phones can make or break a sale with their voice and what they say. Same thing goes for your social media content creator, your stock clerk, your technicians… People buy from people they like. Teach your team to:
    • Educate customers on value, not price
    • Ask people to buy some more
    • Suggest most expensive options first
    • Provide a shopping list
    • Be mindful of their personal appearance cleanliness/neatness of the store and/or service vehicles. This strongly influences perception for prospects.
  • Set an average monthly $$$ Sale goal for your team and measure it weekly – Your team will stay motivated when they are updated on their progress regularly.
  • Monthly Gross Sales Goal – I’m a big fan of having everyone on your team (not just sales reps) taking part in the success of the business. Maybe their role will be to work faster, or report stock shortages so a sale is never missed. And the incentive needs to be meaningful. Ask your team for ideas that would motivate them; maybe it’s an extra $100 for meeting their goal – but maybe it’s dinner out as a group.
  • Upsell – Do you have impulse items at your front counter? Are your sales reps and service technicians trained at educating customers on other goods and services you offer? For example, if you own a heating and a/c company but also offer dryer vent cleaning, does your technician mention this service? Or the person who answers your phones and makes the appointments? Upselling is meant to bring benefit and value.
  • Cross or add-on sell – An example from the automotive industry is selling a coolant flush whenever a radiator or water pump is replaced. It is highly beneficial, improves longevity of the new parts, and in some circumstances parts suppliers require it in order to guarantee warranty coverage. That’s an add-on that makes sense.
  • Use a checklist – This helps your customer know about all the goods and services you provide, plus reminds them of something they may want to ask you about.
  • Use a questionnaire – Use it the same way you would a checklist.
  • Rearrange store layout – Grocery stores are great at this! They know how to put the right products at eye level for best exposure (pay attention to the cereal aisle and deli areas next time you’re there and think about what is located where and who it is appealing to).
  • Point of sale material – Information and impulse buys!
  • Create package/bulk deals – “Buy 10 for only $10” is a popular one, as well as packaging multiple services at a discount. It saves you and the customer time and money.
  • Gift with $XX purchase – Don’t think this works? Ask grocery stores how many free turkeys they give out each year with their promotions to spend $XX in 4-6 weeks to get a free turkey! People love free gifts.
  • Accept debit & credit cards, offer financing, layaway, etc. – Again, make paying for it easy.
  • Make sure clients know your full product and service list – Educate, educate, educate.
  • Sell warranty/insurance – Extended warranties are an example of this.
  • Offer home delivery – Grocery stores and traditionally sit-down only restaurants are catching on to this idea and it’s boosting sales! And they charge a delivery fee to do it!
  • In store promotions  – I used to love when Kmart would call a blue light special in the store. It was fun and exciting and a nice surprise. It made me want to go back again.

Need help implementing a few of these strategies? Email me at charlene@seamlesscoach.com



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