2. Increase Conversions

Conversion Rate refers to the percentage of people who make a purchase (they convert from prospect to customer/client). For example, if 20 people walk through a store on a given day and 5 buy something, that store’s conversion rate is 25% for the day.

It’s important to track the number of visitors, phonecalls, quotes and proposals you have. Each of these is an opportunity to convert a prospect to a customer. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” so if you are not currently tracking this information, put tracking mechanisms in place now!

A very reasonable and achievable goal is a 10% increase in conversions. The following list is meant to inspire and encourage you. In order to increase conversions, you will need to put between 5 – 10 of these in place. If you are already doing some of these, take time to evaluate their effectiveness and “revamp” what isn’t giving you the results you want:

  • Written Guarantee (It’s always surprising to me when a business does not offer a guarantee of their services)
  • Write Your Company’s Story – Share your dream
  • Share Your Uniqueness Proposition (This is an important part of a strategic marketing plan. It answers why a prospect should buy from you rather than your competitor)
  • Develop Your Own Product Line (Sound overwhelming? Look into customized labels for high quality products you’d be willing to put your brand name on)
  • Print a Benefits List (Similar to your uniqueness proposition – answer up front the question “what’s in it for me?”)
  • Collect contact and other information from all prospects and Stay in touch with cards, newsletters, email and social media
  • Make It Easy to Buy – Payment Plans & Financing, Take credit cards, checks & EFT; Account Applications (Great for B2B)
  • Train Entire Team on Sales/Service – Flowchart your sales process; Sales Scripts; Greet Prospects & Use their Name; Smile, Build Trust and Rapport; Ask Questions and Listen; Provide Ideas and Advice; Educate on Value, not Price; Prospect Questionnaires; Dress Standards/Uniforms; Understand Selling to Emotions (Scarcity and Limits, Fear and Pain, Dreams and Desires); Respond in a Timely Manner
  • Provide Team Incentives; Set Sales Targets; Daily/Weekly cost breakdown
  • Post Team Member Profiles (People buy from people they like and feel connected to)
  • Sell an Exclusive Line (Ask your distributors for a radius of exclusivity)
  • Offer Exclusivity
  • Post/Publish Testimonials (ASK for them)
  • Before & After Photos/Demos; Samples; Information Sheets/Booklets
  • Added Value Offers
  • Offer Bulk Buy Specials
  • Start a Trend/Fad
  • Product/Price Lists (Nothing hidden)
  • Display Awards/Certificates
  • Use On-Hold Messaging
  • Mail Order and/or Home Delivery
  • Appointment Cards
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Video sale demos
  • Reprint Press Releases/Articles
  • “Try Before You Buy” Option
  • Increase Product Knowledge
  • Educate Prospects
  • Follow Up & Follow Up Again
  • Ask for the Sale, Confirm and Sale
  • 1(800) Phone Number
  • Entertain, Wine and Dine Prospects (when appropriate)
  • Survey your past customers; Survey people who don’t buy
  • Provide a 1st Time Buyers Incentive
  • Appearance- Office, Vehicle & Team – Lighting, Clean Toilets, Air Conditioning, Kids Room, Snack Bars, Background Music, Uniforms
  • Accept trade-ins
  • Hire sales people
  • Factory/ Site Tours
  • Gimmicks
  • Always have stock on hand

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