5 Deadly Myths About Change

This information is adapted from Dr. Keith Johnson, CEO of DestinyCoachingGroup.com, whom I was honored to assist in creating his Master Level Coaching Certification Course.

Deadly Myth # 1 – People do not want to change

Wrong! At the beginning of every new year, 95% of the people in the world make a New Year’s resolution to change. Why do people make resolutions every year? Because deep down on the inside of every person WANTS to change. The Truth – Most of us just don’t know how to get started and keep going.

Deadly Myth # 2 – I cannot change my life so I am going to accept my life the way it is.

Most people do not think they can change their lives. They feel stuck in the present, struggle with their past, and spend their lives worrying about what the future will hold. People today are so busy “making a living” that they don’t have the time to take control of their lives so they can create the future they desire.  Thousands of other people have tried to change their lives before, but failed, buying into the lie that they cannot change. Nothing can be further from the truth! Remember this, no matter what you have been through or are going through, there is somebody in the world who had it tougher than you. However, they changed their life and made it what they wanted it to be. The Truth – You do not have to accept your current lifestyle. You can change your life and make it what you want it to be.

Deadly Myth # 3 – If I change the outside, my life will change.

Most people start by trying to change their outside circumstances. They will change jobs, churches, homes, spouses, and cars hoping their lives will change for the better. The problem is that they take themselves with them when they make a change. Therefore, they end up with the same problems. Why? They tried to change the outside without first making a commitment to changing the inside. The Truth – All meaningful change starts and comes from within.

Deadly Myth # 4 – Change is hard.

If your internal belief system says, “changing my life is hard,” you will avoid making the necessary decision to change your tomorrow. Change is not hard! Changing any area of your life is easy once you make a 100%, no turning back decision to actually do it. Again, changing your life is easy because all change begins with a choice. Every day of your life is filled with choices: You can choose to feel good about yourself or feel bad about yourself. You can choose to be confident or you can choose to be insecure. You can choose to change your life or you can choose to remain the same. The Truth – Change is easy once you fully decide to make the necessary changes.

Deadly Myth # 5 – Change takes a long time.

Again, if your internal belief system says that change takes a long time you will avoid making the necessary decision to change your tomorrow. Don’t buy into this deadly myth that it takes a long time to change your life. If you think about it, all real change happens in a moment. It just took you a long time to get to the place where you were ready for change. Once you were ready to change, the change was instantaneous.  Think about that. I can trace every major change in my life to a defining moment were God strategically set me up for a divine change. The Truth – Change does not take a long time. You can quickly change your life.


In order for your life to change, you have to change. For your life to get better, first you have to get better. If you don’t change in your present, the same failures will follow you into your future. Without making some radical changes, your past will be a snapshot of your future outcomes.



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