Overcoming Fear…

othersideoffear“Most people’s actions are a reflection of their fears, not their heart.” I said that a few months ago in a conversation and it stuck with me. I think I am like most people; we all have fears that affect our decision making and actions. I’ve made some difficult decisions that fear kept me from making sooner. And the thing about fear is that most of what we fear isn’t real. It’s monsters under the bed. But boy, those monsters sure feel real!!!

Fear doesn’t define my actions these days. But it does define my inactions, the things I want to do (maybe should do) but I don’t. I don’t approach business owners that I know I could help. I don’t tell friends I care about them more than they may be comfortable hearing. I don’t speak up when someone treats me with malice. I don’t ask for help when I really need it – like those same owners I want to give a hand-up to. I don’t act on these things because I am afraid. Afraid my honesty will be rejected. Afraid that standing up for myself will become hate-filled words. Afraid that the help won’t come or with the help I will still fall short and be ashamed.

As a business owner I know the fear of both failure and success and I hear it in countless clients. We fear losing everything because of one horrible decision on our part. We fear not having enough money to pay our employees. We fear not being able to handle MORE business, more clients, more workflow than we already have. Some of us even fear that we will become “evil rich people” if we continue to grow and we actually sabotage our own success as a result.

In order to overcome fear the reward needs to be greater than the fear. With that in mind, here are my Reward Statements to help me overcome my fears:

  • I want to be able to give generously, either financially or of my time and talents. In order to do that I must have an abundance to give from. That requires action to grow my cash flow and to hire others to release me to have the time to share my talents.
  • I want to provide jobs for other individuals who share my vision. In order to do that I must grow my client base exponentially so that I can bring on new coaches, train them, and release them to serve these clients.
  • I want to see a shift in the economic statistics where more small businesses succeed. The Small Business Administration’s website reports that only 48% of businesses (regardless of size) are still in business 5 years after startup and only 30% after 10 years. I want that to change and I have the knowledge and skills to help make that happen. It requires advocating for owners to invest in practical ownership education.

What are your reward statements to help you do the things that fear is keeping you from acting upon?


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