How Does Google Ranking Work?

googleA chamber member asked me about this and to be honest, that’s a loaded question. Google uses over 200 different factors in a very complex computer algorithm to determine whether your web page(s) best fulfills the requested search. Read that again – Google’s primary concern is if YOU have the BEST answer to the individual’s search, and it’s based on PAGE content, not overall WEBSITE content. How does Google decide that? Here are some of the top factors Google considers:

  1. How many other websites (links) are referring to the content on that page? Think social media, other business’ websites, etc. The more links, the more Google assumes your content is relevant and valued.
  2. How fresh is your content? If you haven’t made any changes to your website content in years (for example, fresh or new products or blog posts), your ranking will start to drop.
  3. Are your web pages properly SEO optimized? Does each page have appropriate and unique keyword metatags? Is the website built through a SEO-friendly platform (such as WordPress)? The easier it is for Google’s “spider” to find information and identify that your pages have what is it looking for, the better.
  4. How old is your website? To be honest, older sites will rank higher – if the competition is failing to post fresh content as well.
  5. How consistently are you posting new, relevant content? The Google “spider” can take up to 30-60 days to identify a new site and new content – but if it knows you regularly post new content, it will visit yours more frequently, so consistently posting new, high quality content makes a huge difference.

Google wants to know that you are CREDIBLE, RELEVANT & an EXPERT. Building a great website is step 1, but it does not guarantee instant search engine success. Follow this link to a simplified infographic to help:

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