Details vs. Distractions, Part II

(Originally appeared in this blog in 2014) I don’t want to make this complicated but yes, some details become distractions when dealt with in the wrong time and place. Email, social networks, text messages, and blogs are all valuable resources in their proper time and place.  They become a distraction when they are allowed to invade your life without purpose and planning. So, here are some questions to consider that will help keep these “details” working for you and not against you as a “distraction”:

  • Did I prepare a marketing plan for the year that includes these media, with specific goals and strategies for each?
  • Do I set aside time to completely focus on these – and avoid them at all other times?
  • What are the important issues of my life and business?
  • What experience do I want people to have coming through my door or looking me up online? What is the first impression I give? How do I want people to feel when they leave my presence, or my business?
  • Do I prioritize my family time? Do I give daily undivided attention to the people most important to me (for at least 1-2 hours)?
  • Am I selective with my friendships?  Am I building strong ones with people who share my priorities?

Without doubt, it is very easy to get sucked into hours- worth of mind dumbing distractions. We all need down time. However, a small amount is probably good for our soul, but the more we take the worse we feel; the more it affects our overall health and the more those around us will start to question what’s important to us. So, how addicted are you to distractions?

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