Handling Negative Online Reviews

negative_Yelp_reviews_0Let’s be honest – no one hits a homerun every time. Every business has mediocre or even bad reviews. How you handle them is what counts.

First – don’t respond immediately; use the review as an opportunity to talk to your team. Maybe there was a lack of communication between you and the customer, or the customer had expectations that you simply could not meet. Maybe a member of your team made a mistake. A negative review can be a great learning tool to make improvements in policy and to retrain members.

Second – Write your response out by hand and read it out loud before you post it online. Keep it short and make sure that it sounds positive. You don’t have to agree with the reviewer, but you should empathize. If a mistake was made, own up to it and ask them to allow you the opportunity to earn a better review in the future. Remember, prospective customers will read this response and many will decide if they want to do business with you based on what you write.

Third – ASK for reviews from every customer. Put a sign up in your business, put it on your invoices, send a thank you email after their purchase, but ASK, ASK, ASK!  Reviews on a business Facebook page are great but Google reviews carry more SEO weight.

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