Collect On That Invoice!

COLLECTIONS! Last time I encouraged being consistent and timely with sending out invoices. The other side of that coin is keeping up with collecting on them. Collecting business to business works best when your records are accurate and you bring a high level of respect to the process:

1) Assuming 30-day terms (and you emailed or zmailed the original invoice within a few days of completion), at 45 days send a zmail version with a cover letter noting the bill is past due and you wanted to make sure they received it; also let them know you’ll be following up with a phonecall in a few days.

2) If no response, at 60 days you should make a polite phonecall to confirm they received the bill and ask when payment can be expected.

3) Follow up as appropriate with additional phone calls if the promised payment date goes over 3-5 days. Always stay polite, positive and calm. The majority of your past due clients will only need you to take Step 2. Need help?


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