Marketing Tip of the Week: YouTube for Business, Part 2

youtube4Don’t let the first video be intimidating. A good quality cellphone, video camera or tablet will provide decent picture quality. My personal “must haves” are simple: 1)a tripod to hold the camera still, 2) a decent quality recording device (I like to use an ipad personally because the person manning the camera has a large screen to view), 3) a decent microphone, either lapel based or free standing, that connects to your camera device for sound quality, 4) a basic video editing program such as Windows Movie Maker (which is often pre-loaded on Windows based PCs).  Next, I highly recommend a script for your video rather than winging it. You don’t necessarily have to memorize word for word what you will say, but notes go a long way to keep you focused and make sure everything you want to convey in a short (3-5 mins max), entertaining way get covered. PLUS Youtube SEO is best when a transcript is included of what is said in the video, so a script can be downloaded and help search engines find your content easier. Need help?


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