Marketing Tip of the Week: Facebook for Business Part VI

ideasA newer feature for Facebook posts is short video segments. Unlike posting a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video, in which all the person sees on their FB feed is a still picture and the link to follow, posting a video directly onto your FB page catches the eye because the movement is immediate. All your audience has to do is click to hear the audio and they’re watching! Most free and for-a-fee video editing software already comes with a FB-formatting option – be sure to save the edited version SEPARATELY from your raw footage, as the FB formatting may not work across other social media platforms such as Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. Videos are most effective when they are short (less than 4 mins), entertaining, engaging, and fun. Let your clients and prospects see the human side of you and your team. Birthdays, anniversaries are just as important as highlighting new equipment or services added to increase your customers’ experience with you. Need help adding video into your online marketing? Email me:


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