Getting The Most Out of Google Plus – Part 4


It’s possible that even before you claimed, verified and populated your page that you already had a review or two. Reviews on Google are VITALLY IMPORTANT and the number of reviews will affect how high you are ranked in a search. If you have reviews already, make sure you respond to them. YES, respond to every review! Be positive and polite at all times. Even a bad review may have a grain of truth in it. Acknowledge if you dropped the ball and that you are sorry they did not have a 5-star experience. Sometimes a customer’s expectations are too high and you were never going to get a good review; you should still respond politely. The world is going to read how you reacted and judge whether they want to do business with you. If you do not have reviews yet, you need to very actively ask for reviews. Ask EVERY customer to leave a review. One idea is to create a card to hand out with a QR code that takes them right to your review page so they can submit a review from their smartphone right then and there. You could also have a prize drawing for the first 20 reviewers (positive or negative). Keep asking even after you have several; newer reviews have more weight than older ones. Fresh reviews show you are great at what you do and have a track record of it.


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