Google My Business Series – Intro

Let’s start with the facts: 1) Google is the #1 Search Engine in the world, not by a small margin but an ocean-wide lead;  2)The #2 Search Engine in the world is YouTube – and dr-googleGoogle owns YouTube; 3)Unless your primary customer is over the age of 70 you are wasting your money paying for phone book advertising – 84% of the population is searching for your goods and services through a smartphone screen; 4) those smartphones have Google already locked and loaded. Do I make my point? I am very passionate about small businesses succeeding and I am shocked at how little most small business owners understand about the importance of maximizing your online presence. For the next several weeks this column will be a series educating you on how to use Google My Business to make sure YOU are at the top of the search when your potential customer goes looking for what you sell. Any questions or topics you want to see covered in this series? Send them to me at and I’ll make sure they get included.


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