Marketing Tip of the Week: Effective Email Marketing Part II

Effective Email Marketing, Part II: After making sure you have a great subject line incentivesthat makes them WANT to read your email you also want them to take action. The best way to do that is to REWARD them for it with some kind of INCENTIVE to take action. Do you want them to leave a review for your business? Purchase online today? Read an article you’ve written? The action you want them to take will determine the incentive or reward for their action. Some examples of incentives are coupons, access to VIP-only information, free shipping, an free download or e-book. A great example is video games “pre-order” incentives when you put a deposit down on your pre-order such as free posters as well as pre-orderers’ ONLY maps, skins and weapons (if you’re not a gamer, ask one, they’ll know what that stuff is). Notice I didn’t mention a discount – the gamer still pays full price but most want those INCENTIVES more than they want the discount for buying the used game later. For my free report “10 More Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Shine” email me at


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