Marketing Tip of the Week: Take A Class

ideasThere are two parts to every good business transaction – the seller and the buyer. The seller is only as good as their product or service, It doesn’t matter how fantastic your sales skills if you are selling a crappy product, or your service has a reputation for being below par – thanks to the internet, within a few days or even hours, the entire world will know about it. But let’s talk about the other side of the transaction: the buyer. Marketing focuses on getting that buyer to take action with you. They will take action based on their own priorities. The most common are quality, reputation/trustworthiness, value, reliability and convenience (yep, price is often rather low on the list.) Most of us started our small biz with a great technical skill or a sales knowledge of our product, but not a lot of marketing experience. The great thing is that we can make up that learning curve quickly in 2 ways: online courses or business coaching. I have used both and am a huge advocate for both. I’ve included THIS LINK that tells you about a variety of FREE online marketing courses. It’s a great way to get a foundation of marketing knowledge under your feet. If you are struggling to either grow your business or keep it afloat right now, I encourage you to consider hiring a business coach to accelerate the changes needed to get your on the road to success again.


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