Marketing Tip of the Week – FREE Marketing!

ID-10080092We all like free stuff, right? I love finding out about FREE ways to market my business that are fun and engaging for both me and my customers. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite FREE websites that help you market your business:

  1. A great way to engage your customers and find out what they really want out of your service or goods is through a quick survey. Surveymonkey lets you do this for free. You can create a survey, email a link out to your customers or create a QR code to hand out at your sales counter for people to use.
  2. Rafflecopter.comYou can create an online contest for free and embed it in your website or on your business FB page. NOTE: It’s only free for a short, one-time session so make sure you are ready!
  3. Send 12,000 nicely designed emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.

Got more great free marketing ideas? Share them with me at


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