Marketing Tip of the Week – Google It!

googleThe search engine that ate everything – Google. You’re going to get tired of hearing about it, but it’s just too important. If you have a minimal internet presence and want to find new customers, then you need to get a firm grasp on how search engines work and how social media feeds search engines. There is no cut-and-dry method to work it; it really depends on who your intended audience is. Perhaps all your business needs is to make sure online maps have the right location for GPS directions, that listings have your phone number and contact info correct. But for most of us we need more, much more. And learning it can be daunting. I encourage you to take one of the chamber’s workshop classes to at least get some ideas and inspiration. There are plenty of resources to learn more, including books, online resources, classes and consultants that specialize in helping you get your social media and search engine results the best they can be.


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