ConsistencyIt seems a bit hypocritical for me to write on consistency today, when I look back and realize how inconsistent I have been with my posts lately! Life has been challenging in good ways these past few weeks, keeping me busy but away from here – and so, my rallying cry is consistency!

Consistency is at the heart of most significant success stories. It is what makes the idea of “eating an elephant” or “moving a mountain” imaginable – small, measurable, manageable actions done regularly, particularly with a reasonable increase of load (size, responsibility level, pressure) at appropriate intervals. You reap the greatest benefits from exercise when it is done not only regularly, but when you increase the load/stress as you become “comfortable” at the current level. You reap the greatest benefits from a home business when you work on it DAILY with a focused “act like it is your primary income” mentality. You become an author by writing a page, or even a paragraph, regularly.

You become a successful blogger by doing it regularly – and getting better and better at it!

Anything you do consistently becomes an area of focus. It may be faithfully eating fruit and green veggies every day, until you start craving them or just don’t feel right if you don’t get them in one day. Perhaps you are working on an area that needs improvement in your business by implementing small but important changes, until your team starts seeing the changes as “the way we’re suppose to do it” and it is now a positive habit.

One of the challenges with blogging for me is that the only person holding me accountable to do it consistently is – ME!  And so it can be easy to let this be the item that falls off the overfull plate. The intrinsic value of the process of blogging can be lost. But I recognize that I blog because I want to give back to other leaders, maybe help them understand something about themselves, and in the process I understand more about myself. Being consistent in it has rewards that other tasks on my to-do list do not. It is an issue of prioritizing.

And what you prioritize you will be consistent with! So – keep me accountable, readers, so I have an additional reason to be consistent!


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