Leader as Change Agent

131-150x150Today’s blog was inspired at the LQ Summit 2014 hosted by America’s #1 Confidence Coach, Dr. Keith Johnson, from a teaching given at the event by Dr.John P. Kelly of Lead To Achieve International.

Leadership is taught as both a science (a methodology of principles, etc.) and an art form (a unique combining of traits, morals, personal drive, values, etc.). A truly great leader needs to learn and use both aspects of leadership. Since a leader should be constantly growing in their personal development, it should be obvious that constant change is a sign of progress and leadership. Remember, your past determines your now, but it does not determine your future. As a leader, your focus should constantly be on what is coming, not what is past (except for introspect of learning from experience).

We define passion as great desire to achieve – acquire – accomplish – or eradicate pain. You will never pursue anything without passion; however, the steering mechanism, the rudder if you will, for passion needs to be wisdom. Wisdom is what helps you determine the best plan of action for changes that need to come to fulfill that passion.

In order to fulfill the role of Leader as Change Agent:

  1. You must be a dedicated zealot of the cause.
  2. You must possess extreme, focused attention for a needed period of time.
  3. You must clearly communicate the meaning of your leadership.
  4. You must develop trust through honesty and compassion.
  5. You must be self-disciplined for your assignment/cause.
  6. You must be a dreamer/visionary extraordinaire to make it a reality.

Within leadership teachings are a multitude of identified types of leaders (strategic leader, servant leader, charismatic leader, etc.). None is better than the others; they are all situational leadership styles. The challenge is becoming a leader who can gracefully change his approach and work in any of these different styles, and knows which style to use in which situation. It requires a level of commitment to personal change and growth that few leaders have. Will you be one of them?


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