Law of Attraction or Hocus Pocus?!

When I read a book or listen to someone speak on the Law of Attraction, honestly, I often think they sound more than a bit wacked out, metaphysical, mystical, or just plain weird. The concept that the “universe is waiting to serve you,” or “whatever you focus on you attract,” sounds a bit out there for very practical, logical thinkers. Even people who have a spiritual aspect to their lives will sit back and say, “Whoa, that sounds kinda strange. I don’t think I want any part of that.”

But I can’t argue with the evidence in my own life.

Every time I have sincerely focused on an area, I have found increase – that applies to both good or bad. If I focus on my body image in a negative way, I tend to gain weight, get tempted/invited more to partake of the wrong food choices, and life becomes too busy to exercise – the negative thoughts and behaviors grow and become my reality. When I focus on the things that are going great at my service business, more “greats” keep coming – we stay busy, our customers are happy, my employees have good attitudes, my bank account is growing, etc. Am I “attracting” those things by focusing on them? That is what the Law of Attraction teaches.

I also notice that when I am focused on an area of life I want to improve upon, or something new I want to learn, total strangers tend to enter my life that have a level of expertise in that area. It happens very consistently. Sometimes it isn’t a stranger, but an acquaintance that suddenly has the time and interest in building on our relationship – and they HAPPEN to have the knowledge I am looking for. Or a book on what I need to learn goes on sale, is a bestseller I’ve just heard of, or is given to me by someone else. I can’t explain those circumstances away.

This isn’t a new revelation that I am giving you – the Law of Attraction (which is inextricable from the Law of Focus as far as I am concerned) has been taught for centuries, and has been in the forefront of leadership and business teaching for the past 50+ years. I am simply offering you my real-life experience and perspective. It is part of why I believe in coaching so strongly. When you work with a coach, that person helps you focus in on the areas you want to see changes and improvements in. S/he draws out of you what you already have to make it happen, and helps you fill in the blanks that need filled. Consider coaching the accelerator to the process of change, the sledgehammer helping you break down the wall between knowledge and action. Even if it still sounds hokey, allow yourself to consider the Law of Attraction as a principle for a better life, and see what can happen in your business, your relationships, and yourself!


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