Imagination – Then What?

Wizarding-World-of-Harry-Potter-Harry-Potter-Theme-Park-1On a recent trip to Universal Studios Orlando, and its sister park Islands of Adventure, it resonated in me that everything I was seeing and experiencing started with the great power of imagination.

The origins came from the writers and illustrators (and even toy makers), that created the fantastic creatures, heroes, and stories that theme the park – Shrek and Transformers, Marvel Comics, and Harry Potter to name just a few. But the park was truly created by the engineers and architects, set designers and painters, sound and stage technicians, land developers, the performers, show script writers and special effects artists, and so on. Each of these individuals may have been given the start of an idea to work on, but they had to have the power of their own creativity to make it reality.

On the Universal Studios side, this is best illustrated in the long avenue sets, where interspersed with show theaters, false storefronts and homes with beautiful window displays align to give you a street view of perhaps 1920s New York. I know that many of these fall fronts house work spaces, but it is so well designed as to make you want to go into many of them and look around. If you have never been to the Islands of Adventure go just to walk through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is where you can truly appreciate the level of detail that goes into creating not just a theme park but an experience, right down to the Butter Beer and talented staff that keep the illusion alive by being performers rather than standard theme park employees. I recognize that Disney is certainly the first example of a place that takes imaginative detail to a new level, but this particular area gives even the best of Disney a run for its money. And if they ever decide to take it to this same level in the other areas of the park, watch out!

My point is not to sell you a ticket to these parks but to remind you of the power that all of us have to create something out of nothing. There is no man-made thing, no invention, no cure, no medicine, no building, no enterprise, no book or poetry, and no solution to any problem that did not start in the imagination before being acted upon. And there lies the key – before being acted upon.

You can and do possess the power to change your world, your business, or your relationships. My guess is that, most of the time, you either already have an answer, a creative solution, a path you envision, in your mind. If not, you are just short on a little knowledge or wisdom to get there. BUT it serves no purpose if you fail to ever put action to that creativity.

That is always my goal and my focus – to help my clients break down the wall between their knowledge (their own gifts/talents/creativity) and their actions (outward momentum toward their predetermined goals). For whatever reason – fear of failure, doubt, personal uncertainty or lack of confidence being the most common – taking action, even the action you know is right, can be difficult. But once you start, momentum builds quickly.

Do you have a great idea for a book? Starting to write is the most difficult part.

Have a vision for your company to grow? The changing process is hardest at the beginning.

Want a greater level of success in your career? Your mind has probably already envisioned the future you want, but you have to knock that wall down, that false reason, that is keeping you from pursuing it full force.

Imagination is where you create the vision, the picture you want to see, and it is where you can safely add the details until you are ready to share it. Then, you need to take a sledgehammer to the wall keeping you from DOING it.

And if you need someone to help swing that hammer, that is what a coach can do for you.


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