Branding can be painful…

ImageSpinning several plates at once, (coaching, book writing, social media, and redesigning my website) I decided that it was a good idea to get some solid help with branding. It’s one of those popular buzzwords now, and I wanted to make sure I actually knew what the hell that meant, and at the same time create a solid “brand” of my own to use as a guidepost when dealing with how I present myself and my services, designing book covers and a website, etc.

The process is not new to me – I’ve built a solid brand already with my service company in Georgia. But it was over a period of years, two of them being before the doors even opened. This time, I feel a little behind the ball, so I decided I needed a professional.

My branding coach (yes, coaches have coaches) is Wendy K. Walters ( Wendy works with authors, speakers, coaches, and business clients. After she sent me a series of questions to make sure I was her ideal client (which, honestly, I love. I’m sure she is very polite when she has to turn someone down, but being told that you are an ideal client MAKES you want to work with her), she sent me my copy of the workbook she starts all new branding clients on. Only 30 pages right? I got this…

DAYS pass of agonizing self-evaluation, goal setting, vision casting – everything from what colors I find most preferable to do I have a tag line. I thought I had a good, solid handle on this branding thing. Her 30 pages of “fill in the blank” questions made me want to cringe in a corner; I felt woefully under prepared.

Solid branding encompasses so much more than a logo and name. It is the image you want to portray from every angle – to the person who only knows you from a Facebook Page, to the client walking in your front door, they should have the same impression of who you are and what you are about (both as a business and as a person). It has to be authentic; if you say you’re all about xyz and get caught doing abc, you will spend a load of time and money trying to “fix” your brand.

I am still trying to finish this thing. I refuse to leave even one blank empty. Every question is valid; even the ones that are giving me a headache. Branding can be painful – but the end result is going to be a firm foundation to stand on, make decisions from, and show the rest of the world what my company is all about…


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