What Coaching IS, Part I

bill mccartney“All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” (Coach Bill McCartney, head football coach, University of Colorado, 1982-1994). Outside of sports, this is still a pretty accurate description of what professional coaching should be. The point is – why should coaching be important to YOU?!

Professional coaching (i.e., services coming under the titles of Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business Growth Coach, etc.) is a partnership in which a trained and certified professional works with an individual, business, or private organization to accelerate the clients’ progress beyond what they could achieve without outside influence, by challenging the client to stay more focused, and be fully aware of the choices they have. A coach is coming to the table ready to draw out of you the very best of you, regardless of past successes or failures – and then they are going to both challenge and encourage you to continue to operate at that higher level. A quality coach takes a client through a proven process to clarify goals, create a plan of action for achieving goals, deepens the clients’ learning, improves the client’s or team’s performance, and provides accountability for the client that will help them fulfill their identified goals.

Here’s the point you need to think about – you are surrounded with friends, family, employees and/or coworkers that have a presumptuous view of who you are and what you are capable of.  They love you, respect you, and appreciate you, but their expectations are limited by what they have already seen and experienced in relating to you. If you are successful, you may not even realize how complacent that has made your actions and thought processes. If you are struggling, you need a fresh perspective on what reality is – are you drowning, or is the shore within swimming distance, if only you could see it?

The reason coaching should be important to you is – IT WORKS. Studies easily accessible on the web report ROIs of 500% or more from executive (i.e., business) coaching.* Small business coaching is particularly valuable; recognizing the ever-shifting economic landscape and that you need a partner to navigate the changes often turns a stagnant business model into a flourishing one.

I tried to keep this short and to the point – but I have so much more that really needs shared that I decided it would be better to create a Part II. See you next week.

Next Week: What Coaching IS, Part II

*The statistical data on personal (life) coaching services is lacking, for a variety of reasons. It is difficult to quantify a higher level of health and fitness, or overcoming a personal habit. There are no significant databases for independent coaches to enter statistical information. And, unfortunately, the “life coach market” is rampant with individuals who are little more than charlatans with a self-proclaimed title.


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